Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Army Diary.

YES! lucky me was chosen to be a 3-MONTHS ARMY aka pelatih PLKN 2012!
while you can see any other people busy praying not to be selected but i wanted to go, like really wanted to go!
you won't get the chance to join a camp or a training with three hundreds and even more people from different states and races right? and you won't even get the chance to cook your own food in the jungle and to hold a M-16 right?!
i appealed to change from the second batch to the first batch, and to the same place as my bro.
yea my bro got it too and he was like damn emo after that. :PP

and then the Army Diary began!

First of all i think i should introduce my kem to you guys.
Kem PLKN De'Bana Jempol, Negeri Sembilan.
It is located more than just out from the outskirt of town, it is, in the jungle. hahaha

there is a waterfall, a blue river where you can still see small fishy and prawns on the river bed.
there are lanes with trees on both sides. one word to conclude this place, "Beautiful".

And next to my dorm! ;)
I was a member of Dorm Q, the winning dorm amongst all, the only Dorm with zero punishment after the eerie dorm-checking!! *proud*

and all the beloved DormQ members! 
aaaa, miss those times when all of us gathered at the corner of the dorm, switching off the light like what we were told to do so (but we never really got into bed), having cup noodle as supper, gossiping on scandals, oops :P 

said to be a 3 months training, but to me, plkn is more like a summer camp.
we stayed in the jungle for 2 nights, imagine wearing the heavy boots for 3 days without taking them off.....
but cooking in the midnight was so fun!! and that was the time, you can really doze off in the melody of the insect orchestra. hahahahahhaa!

And not forgetting..... this!
I bet almost all of us joined plkn to give a try on this, M-16.
tell me, if you were given a chance to shoot, (not a toy gun but a real heavy one) for free, will you ever missed it? 
ok here i wanna describe how good the feeling is to hold a real gun, *heheheh evil smile*

M-16 is really heavy, and once you released the bullet you can feel the gun recoiled on your shoulder, some even got bruises after the shooting session.
and here i proudly announced that i scored 64 marks and won the 7th in the shooting competition among the wirawati! wheeeeeehoooooooooooooooo ;DDD

what've made my national service even more awesome ?

These people.

JoLynn's birthday celebration in the jungle. that was the one and only cake we ate in two and a half month! hahaha! and my lovely mum knew how much i've missed her mihunkueh, that she cooked it there just for us! :*

FoGuangShan's farewell performance. 
the perfect moment when we sang together, and i won't forget the tears of happiness in the shijie's eyes!
the shijie there was sooooo caring, she was the one busy preparing yummy food for us, continuously for every Saturday as she knew we missed chinese food a lot !

Community service day!
we were distributed to different rural places, and mine was to the new village of Jempol!
we cleaned up the village's main centre hall, and they treated us Chinese food as they knew we missed chinese food a lot too! :P

                                                    YEAY! group photo with the village men. :P

Not all the jurulatih are fierce and furious, we have a very motherly Cikgu Azura!
i bet she missed her children a lot, just like how we missed our parents.

just like other people, i hated the other jurulatih at first, but then i miss them now. 
duhhhh, :/
btw, one of my favourite trainers had just got married yeahhhhh! and we used to guess that he was in a relationship with another trainer but it ended up just as a guess :P

i always think that my bro looks good in botak. :D

Sunday is love! hometown food food food food food. :3

And, i really think that the government had done a very good job in enhancing the 1 Malaysia Concept through this national service programme.  
i miss all of themmmmmm! chinese-malays-indians-orangasli

I can say, joining PLKN is an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience!
i miss the friends, the trainers, the obstacle games, the morning breeze, the donuts, the kawad, the cheers, the waterfall, the jungle........
and now to the most famous question asked by the people,

Despite the sunburn, the forever same menu, the tiredness, 
i will still say,


PLKN 2012, memories secured. ;))


  1. Most people see national service as a waste of time but you not only take it as a challenge but also have fun with everyone around you. As a person I have to say that you not only inspire me but also put a smile on my face on my rainy days when I'm feeling blue. 林子昕 please continue to stay just the way you are because there is only one of you. The reason why I called you superwoman is because I think that someday you will perhaps help me become a stronger person through your words of encouragement like you always do. You may not have realize it have already help place a smile on everyone's faces in class. So let me start by doing the same thing *BIGGG SMILLEEE* :))))

  2. while i never realize that but i'm indeed grateful that you spent time on my words !
    yea i always believe that a small action, a small upwards bending on the lips can always change one's day. *it flourish the awesomeness of life*!
    it's not me who inspired you, it's you yourself that feel the power of a smile!
    live the life, roar the leo! ;)))

  3. Do keep updating your blog!! I know that I won't always be there to see what you see but at least I can see them through pictures and words that you put together instead. Maybe I will become your number one fan of your blog muahahahaha!! Let me know once you've updated your blog again. Looking forward to your next adventure~ :))

    ~Leo The Lion

  4. Hello, I'm joining PLKN in 2014, but unfortunately, I'm in either 2nd or 3rd batch. Can I ask, how do you apply to change to the first batch? And did you apply to change your camp location at the same time or after you were approved to enrol in the 1st batch? Oh and what reason did you state for the change? Thank you in advance for any help. :)

    1. Hi there! :)
      I actually wrote an appeal letter stating that I would like to change to the first batch to the same camp as my brother. I was lucky enough that the officers were actually quite understanding as i told them that It'd be easier for my parents if i got to be in the same camp as my brother, and so they did! :) A little tips: Call them often to remind them on your case and show them your sincerity hehehehe!
      All the best and have an amazing PLKN adventure! :D

    2. Thank you for replying! :) I've sent a letter about a week ago, but haven't heard from them.. By the way, if the appeal is approved, they would send a letter with the camp details right? Because everytime I call, no one picks up T.T

    3. HAHA u're welcome! tell me your name if you don't mind! :) Yes they will, but you have to keep yourself closely in touch with them. Since it's almost January already, they should've decided whether to approve you or not. Do call them up again! and good luck :DDDD

    4. I think by this time they've passed me over haha.. But thank you so much for all the advice! I like your blog :) Sorry I don't have an account cause my last attempt in blogging ended up as two entries a year XD I'm Lily! :D

    5. hahaha you so cute!! hi Lily and thanks for reading! hope you did gain something out from my little sharing corner :) happy new year and all the best to you! :D