Sunday, August 12, 2012

A trip to Vietnam

alô! ;)
Have you guys been to Vietnam?
it was actually my second time visiting Vietnam, still the same to the Ho Chi Minh city, but this time...
together with Simon and Anna and the family! *Germans in ze house!*

readers should know that Simon&Anna have a Vietnamese mommy right?
this time we were actually invited by this Vietnamese mommy, the nice and caring Aunty MiChau to attend her nephew's wedding in Vietnam,
and it was my very first time witnessing a wedding ceremony in a foreign country!! :D

The Wedding of Khang, the humble VietnameseJohanna, the cheerful American.
they were both the high scholars in their universities and they met at a conference and they fall for each other :)
see how amazing  fate can bring two families from different countries and different backgrounds together, combining them into one family!
And the father of Johanna said this in his speech, "We took a long flight here to witness my daughter's wedding and now I feel like I have family from all around the world!" 
what've made him felt so?
there were Americans, Vietnamese, Germans and Malaysians there blessing her daughter on her big day!
very cool isn't it ?
The wedding ceremony of the Vietnamese is quite different as ours, theirs are much more simple yet sacred.

and after the happy wedding, they rented a van and off we went to VungTaoBaiBien!
It is a beach, about two hours of driving from HoChiMinh city.
the view from my room's balcony. truly 'people mountain people sea'!
Vietnam beach has really long and beautiful coastline, but the sand ain't white. i'll still prefer Tioman :P

The only place we shopped in Vietnam...
Van Tanh Market.
crowded, hot, sellers dragging you here and there to their stalls, scolding people who left their stalls after asking the price but didn't buy it,
*which my mom and I gasped after witnessing a Singaporean being chased away and being scolded 'lady boy' by a furious Vietnamese girl.*

One phenomena that kinda stressed me out in Vietnam besides the dragging of Vietnamese sellers in the market, is the terrible traffic condition.
i found this picture from Google.  Trust me the road in Vietnam really looks like this!!!
motorcycles everywhere, horning of vehicles everywhere, and the taxi moves like it's gonna knock on a pillar by the road or a pedestrian anytime.

while the thing I love the most about Vietnam is ze foooood! bahahahhahahhahahahahah
Vietnamese have spicy tongues that they can munch a whole chilli without a change on their face expressions, and they are really good drinkers!!
impressed :O
vegetables and beef made up most of the main courses in Vietnam.

and this, this is the family's favourite!!!
'pho ga', the traditional Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.
adding lotsa mint leaves and veges, squeezing lotsa lemons into your bowl, and this makes a perfect pho ga!

simple but really scrumptious!!!
fyi the daddy is a crazy pho ga fans, we prefer this pho ga over other dishes too, and you can easily find yummy pho ga restaurants in HoChinMinh so we have this pho ga at least once, for almost everyday. :目

and that's all for this Vietnam trip!

Oh, btw here's a lovely tips for you guys who feel like eating KFC in Vietnam!
my advice: Better don't. their KFC doesn't look like and doesn't taste like one.
byebye! ;))

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Trip = I FEEL YOUNG!

helloww peeps! :D
fyi i'm now helping out at my aunt's travelling company where i've came across with both technical knowledges and non-technical skills,
and i was really happy to be assigned to work as a one-day-tour-leader, some more was to lead a bunch of primary students!! sangat sangat sangat gembira loh yooohoooooooooo!!!

began to get excited from the first day i was informed.
happy little ideas popped into my mind and i started to prepare some props for the games!

                                        never stop loving to do these lil things. but i still don't like glue :/
and finally the day came!

Early in the morning we went to SJK(C) Chong Hwa Segenting to pick up the students.
I like how the school motivate their students, yeap by bringing them out for a day trip to encourage them to study hard for their upcoming exams. 
as one of the teachers told me that almost all of the students passed up their homework a few days earlier, which is a very uncommon phenomena in this kinda kampung school, 'where students used to be free and  and jaunty and.... lazy.'  :O

kinda nervous as i'm not really familiar with these places, cuz i'd never been to even one of the destinations before, So surfing on the Internet for detailed info is a must!

and the trip began!!!

Destination 1 : New Star Food Sdn. Bhd.

my fav Snek ku Mimi's place of birth! :DD
enjoyed getting know how titbits were produced, and
       spot ze children with their happy we-love-titbits faces after getting their goodies bags!

Destination 2: Tropical Village
this tropical village was already built since 15 years ago!
This is a... yea, very hot punya Tropical Village.
and idk where the cute people heard from but the only thing they knew bout this place was its ghost house. hahaha!

The Entrance 

The Cartoon Toyland where all the cartoons with their faded skins and shirts live :P

The Tropical Village has 32 landmarks from different countries,
they are quite finely made but too bad, the colour faded too. should have more maintenance i suppose.

kinda alike Malacca's A Famosa!

you won't know how happy they were when this lil old train started to move. Children children :3
and yes they were very satisfied with the not-scary-at-all ghost house while they rushed out so panicly shouting 'WAHHHH SO SCARY SO SCARY!!!' 
Children children :3 
                                                         happy monkeys they are so cute!!!

Destination 3: Yong Peng UK Farm
this is not the big UK farm with field and resort, but a small one, opening for outsiders to visit and to feed the goats.
And again, you won't know how excited the children were when they saw the Jamnapari goats.

                                                           feeding baby goats with milk!
                                                            'yumyumyummm i want moreeeee'

                                    the busy-eating-mummy-goats while their milk being pumped out.

                                           Finally a moment of silence and a seconds of concentrating............

After visiting all these places the trip then ended at bout 4.30pm.
these tiny little people were still very energetic while my cousin and i, the tour leaders, and the teachers had no more strength to move even on the bus.

had so much fun on the bus with them!!
glad that they enjoyed the games, the jokes and I just can't stop laughing listening them sharing their stories.
and i really like them :))
                                                  Hope to see them again, young and jolly!

and lastly thanks to Chiu Travel for this wonderful day trip!
it feels really different visiting a place with a new role, and i like this role pretty much ;D
sharing knowledge you've discovered on the Internet with the children staring you with their eyes of excitement FEELS SO BRAVO!! 
the children enjoyed the conduct, while I enjoyed laughing with them! and this time, 
laugh like a child indeed!

A day-trip with them, Young and Wild! :P
                            one day in the future, i'll see tall and grown-up them! ;)