Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Rewarding Holidays! ♥


i bet u guys enjoyed ur holiday pretty much and maybe still indulging in the family&friends gathering/trips right?

And i have mine very fascinating one too!

I used to take holiday as a huge privilege during schooling days like to finish all nerves-killing projects and to stick myself to the computer/Tv for the whole day as if I have no more chance to do so.

But now after SPM it's different.
You have to plan.
plan what to do, plan what to study, plan your future.

Ok let's get into the topic!

Ma holiday started with ......

1) KL 4D3N trip!
babypee was there with us too! :3

went KL with ma 8 close friends. rushing up and down to get into LRT, running across the road like crazies, swimming and shivering in the pool at night, Great memories ;))

btw no pics gonna be post for this cuz i don't wanna be killed by them. yknow how insane a group of girls will be when they're together :P

2) The Stupendous YEC2011!
Joined YEC immediately after the trip, i think i was the last one being registered to the camp :P
i was like ' i dont care i wanna go!!!' when i heard bout d camp.

it's Youth Empowerment Camp organized by Inti Nilai.
i must say, this is the Best Camp i had ever joined!

Everyone's like the leader from different schools, and all the facilitators are like 'Yo we Rock!'

We shared our views and we argued over various points. We cooperated well for 2 days like we were close friends who knew each other for years. It's so proud to be part of the group, CAPTAINS WE YO!!!

i wanna introduce this very special Dr.Sia to u guys!

tadaaaaa, see how cool she is!
she inspired me through her storysharing to go out there and make a difference.
she's sooo funny and her talk was soooo interesting!

thankyou the coolest lecturer, Dr.Sia! *salute*

And then the people that made YEC even more perfect!

Awesome people, Awesome camp!

was growing through every activity and learning new things from everyone around me, the group members,the faci,the lecturers etc.

i can say that i've grown stronger after YEC, i've got a plan for my future, i'm ready to move on and i've found back ma passion to Life!

Thank you YEC,
Since then my life began! (rock) :'D

3) Cousin Tricia's peachy wedding (every girl's dream!)
yeap, right after YEC it's my cousin Tricia's wedding!
we went to KL and they actually got us a really big and superb high-class Penthouse at Times Square Hotel. About 4 families stayed in the Penthouse and trust me the Penthouse makes you go yea im paris hilton i dont wanna leave this place. ROFL.

why i say Tricia's wedding is every girl's dream? See her dress, and then walk the red carpet, and then taste the wine, and then listen to the band. really so 'fuiiiyoohhh'~~~~

spot da absolutely stunning bride! *v*
Rock before the night! X)) so fun!

Big Congrats to Tricia! May them be blessed with eternal love and happiness! :)

4) Off to Penang! wooooohhoooooo~

i loveeeee Penang.
delicious food everywhere! *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
this place is so simple and unlaxing, bet u guys will love it too :)

loving the morning breeze~

then met up with KMT friends: Ahmu,zhenxing & daxiong!
they drove all the way from Seberang Perai just to meet us (so goooood) :D

slurrrpsssssssssssssss! u know u can't resist them food owwhhh foooood ~,~ Spending 2 days only in Penang is definitely not enough, i will be back Penang!
*feel so wanna visit Batu Ferringhi!

OK That's only part of ma holiday, cuz the holiday mode is still ON! hiakhiakhiakkk :B
I name it my rewarding holidays cuz i do gain a lot throughout the days, physically and mentally, yay! ;D

wish you guys a happy holidayyy and share yours with me if you enjoyed yours too!

xoxo :3

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