Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Uni Life Rocks!

successfully enrolled at Notts in April 2012, and i enjoyed my Uni life to the MAX!

what i like about Notts is that we can really enjoy campus life.
the campus is beautiful. and we get the chance to mix with people from different countries! :D

okay now skip to some fun i've had for the past 3 months! ;)

me and a few friends of mine joined the Citibank's Global Community Day!
We were in the ChowKit group and we were assigned to different duties, to serve the homeless and the poors.
met new friends from TARC ! 
have not been taking part in such community service programme and Citibank's GCD reminded me on the passion i used to have when i still served as an Interactor.
yes and maybe now under different society but the Passion is still glowing! 
aye-aye i'm still serving, keep the ball rolling!

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to be part of the representatives of Notts to YMCA Badminton Charity Competition!
it was a group game and we played from morning till night, totally worn out after that.
BUT very berry satisfied as we emerged as the Champion!!! :DDD

                              they are all crazy funny good players and awesome friends!

 Uni's stressed = assignments + tests
 Uni's desserts = coursemates + outing

these are the people who've flourished my Sem 0, making my Sem 0 even more wonderful! ;D
I will never forget how fun it was, running and hiding panicly into the car, laughing like crazzeh on our way to have our very First KFC in Semenyih!

                                                            it's babe apple's birthday!!  :3
                                            we have sweeties from KL, Penang, Seremban and Johor!

Social Science & Business groupmates!
awesome groupmates i have ;))
we've fixed a target early on our first tutorial class, and we've successfully achieved it!
the satisfaction after every presentations and the lecturer's praises speaks the most, as always. our group work and hard work did pay off!
love working with you girls! wow fantastic babes! ;D

went for sports after class almost everyday.
and i was addicted to Frisbee!
the first time i tried it, i fell in love with it!
field, sky, run, sweat, oh life :3

and my desserts lowbei & siowoh!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
two lovely people, who taught me cantonese, laughing over silly simsimi, finishing half of my koko krunch, nap like a dead fish on my bed and sharing stupid jokes. <3

BIG THANKS to all my new friends, thanks for the help and everything! 
it's you people, who've made my Uni life ROCKS!

while now i'm having my first ever 2 months of uni sem break,
and i have my own sem break's resolution!! >>>>

i have always wanted to brush up my geographical knowledge, i'm always interested in Geographical things like omggg 7 wonders of the worlddddddd!!!!!
and i used to dream to be an archeologist or a geologist but..... my mum laughed, my aunt trolled 'don't talk nonsense', and Malaysia said 'sorry our country never offer such courses'.

Well dream is beautiful but i'll make mine a little bit more realistic ;D

so stay tuned on my next update!
live life, enjoy life
j'aime la vie! 
                                                                  ehemm, mr.zeepo needs a bath.


  1. It's glad to see you keep updating your bloggie!
    Btw, your passages are awesome to read!
    so keep it please,mslimzeyuin!<3

  2. hahaha. you have a zeepo x) we are the sweetest desserts hor. haha :D faster come back !!!

    1. hahaha its full name is Lim Zeepo, very cute one lehhh!

  3. Well, slept like a dead fish!!! Hahahahhaa miss you la :P

  4. Your speed in updating your blog keeps getting faster and faster hahaha. YAYAY at least all of us, your reader won't get bored in the holidays hehehe :P

    1. now ze blog is in a resting mood. waiting for another adventure! ;)