Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I learned from non-human.

So you think you can only get the best lessons from human? :)

Apparently I realized that I've learned a lot from non-human.
yes, non-human. Things besides human. 

Pictures are all taken in unmc, and they are all the random things that put me into thoughts! :)


What I Learned from Non-Human.

#1 : It's never too bad to be alone, to be with yourself.
       Being alone with yourself is different from keeping yourself away from others!
       Look at this tree. It is alone. But still it stays firm and true to its colour.

I love spending time being alone for myself, with myself. It makes me think a lot more on what I believe in, what i want and what i pursue, without the voices of others. It is at such quiet moment that you hear what your heart speaks.
*Spend some quality time alone! You'll be surprise how unlonely being alone can be! :)

#2 : Sometimes you don't live just for yourself. You create the most out of yourself.
Imagine how 'naked' the Nott's fountain area would be without these trees!
They give us more than just oases of shades, they chill the boiling weather and they even decorate the surrounding with their beautiful drops of flowers.

My number one principle. Exude happiness, optimism and hope! Little positivity is enough to melt negativity and make the world a little better! Just as how these trees create a beautiful, joyous environment. 
Who knows, your words of encouragement or your action of kindness might be someone's reason to hold on and stay strong.
*Share your cheers, connect people, this is how the world should be! :)))

#3 : You don't always need to be the best. But always be firm on your principle, Be Beautiful.
Just like how this stunning little purple flower drops off from its comfort place, but still it stays this real and this beautiful.
I witnessed its whole wilting process, very fast very fragile, but still beautiful even when it's turned into brown. And so i tell myself, no matter how hard the situation goes, be flexible, but still hold on to my own belief . Even if you're not the best, you are still classy. (Y)

#4 : love love love. 
i know i know, so much love in this picture right!! I was on my way back to my room and then i saw this heartwarming scene. Quietly I took out my phone and snapped this. I felt so touched. 
It is love that brings people together : family love friends love couple love hobby love etcetcetc! 
Learning how to love will always be human's life-long lesson, i assume. and so thank you for teaching me what is love, how unconditional love can be, and how to love.

#5 : Enjoy life!
Haahahhahaha see how this little puppy enjoy its sunbathing! and yes, life is not a life if you don't know
how to enjoy life!
Sometimes when reality bites and everything seems to be so messed-up, go out for a walk, take a deep breath or find your way of de-stressing. And most importantly, think positive and be positive and then things will turn out to be better than your expectation! :D

What I've shared here is all that I've learned and things that I would love you people to experience and benefit too. I might be too young to talk about life, but I'm definitely at my age to explore and learn!

and here comes another lesson that I've learned from non-human!

 #6 : Be brave to explore...... how these brave little mushrooms sprout out to welcome the morning shine.

Share your experience and your thoughts with me,
you might be my inspiration too!
Cheers! :))))

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bye-bye Foundation!


HAHAHA hello people the lazy blogger is finally back!! *bow* :D
just incase you wonder who are those jokers up there. they are Steven the German, Ayman the Egyptian, Alex the Taiwanese, me the Malaysian, Pu the Vietnamese and Devash the Mauritian! just see their faces you'll know how epic they are ;)

And yes, the first year of my university life has came to an end! 
orientation, ice-breaking party, assignments, presentations, finals 
It's defo a perfect ending! :))

Just a random pic with one of the best lecturers we have: Mr.Victor!

Foundation has been a really great one for me.
I've met people from all over Malaysia and even from all over the world.
I've experienced wonderful things that I've never tried before, feelings I've never felt before, lessons I've never learned before. bit-by-bit they form the greatest panorama of my Foundation year, oh and it's a really really magnificient one :))))

Meet the people who've enlighten my Foundation year!

The AIESECers.

 The OGXers.

Friends and interns of different backgrounds.

The random fun and crazy Jogoya people (my beautiful engineering ladies!) hahaha!

my lovely and caring darlings.

and the craziest yongsuis whom never failed to make me laugh like a crazehh everytime we do stupid things together!! gahhhh i miss them so much now!

These people are the important puzzles that picture my Foundation year. but not only them!

Thanks for all the random you whom had once said a hi, waved a bye, threw a smile and nodded a head with me, some random conversation we had outside TCR, feeding the little puppies, funny 7-11 people and the nice janitors kakak in the orange building. :D

Thanks for this perfect one year!!
and now I'm having my 3 and a half months sem break which is already full with awesome plansssss!! and i can't wait to share all my experiences here!

Bye-bye Foundation! kiss you goodbye muahmuahmuahhhh!

2012/2013 FIBM, 
memories secured,