Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wake me up when September ends.

My first ever summer holiday has been a fruitful one :)

Was looking back at my phone's gallery, realizing how fast three and a half months just passed by like in a glimpse of an eye, meeting different people, learning new stuffs, empowering the inner-self, developing new feelings etc etc etc.

and i miss these people.
"Friendship through Sports"

and these people.

We had so much fun together and now half of the team had just graduated :(I miss our hardcore trainings our sing-K session our drinking session and makan time.
No matter where you people are, keep the charm in you and jump and shout and be real
-just like how we used to be!

Tri Campus Game 2013,
Memories secured.

My Facebook is a rojak these few days. 
Some lose sight chasing after something, some struggling with their relationships, some complaining about their bad luck, some lose faith and getting stuck out of nowhere, some get tired of being helpful, and some thinking of giving up...
Hang on there ma friends! :)

I'll be starting my degree in two days time and I'm super excited about it! 
A decision I made for myself, and I shall go all out and have no regrets.
Teehee! a new start with so many possibilities! acaaaa I'm readyyy! :DDD

把曾经最爱写的的抒情文    前几天全都翻了出来
很久不见  但还是很熟悉  很怀念!

好想再搭一趟轰隆隆的老巴士                                咻~         再来一次     一个人的旅行。

YEAY! 日子会过得很漂亮!家人 姐妹 朋友 加油!! :))))


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