Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Family and Sisters [SRILANKA ll]

 I was trying to snap a picture of mamapu's yummy dishes but was then interrupted by two attention-seeking hands *troll face. From here you can imagine how noisy and nutty when my sisters and I were all together,

.... and so the people I'm gonna introduce in this post are all my honeybees that made everything in Sri Lanka even more sweeter! :3

I really do believe in fate. See how people from different countries with different backgrounds and religions, came together in Sri Lanka, and shared so many joyous moments together, with a unique bond between us.
                                           i love you you love me we are happy family :*
Let me first introduce you my Sri Lankan family!!!

From the left:
Pulani the choodedoo (means little daughter in Sinhalese),
PapaPu , MamaPu, Cece and I!

As we were actually staying in the school, so we will only be back to our Sri Lanka home when we travelled to Colombo. (fyi, it takes 3 hours to travel from Kandy to Colombo by train.)

                                  This is the Pu family's house! A very cozy place full with love!
And this is a small lane that we will have to walk pass to hop on to the bus at the main road.
"Take the number 100 or 101 bus and get down at Golumaudama junction." Haha! this is papaPu's favourite quote after all. He's  always reminding us to not miss the train, to get off from the bus, to take the earliest train, etc etc.
Great papa, cool papa!

A close-up photo of papaPu! cheeeezeeee :)

And this is my beloved mamaPu!
Beautiful and humble, a caring mama with a young soul in her body!

mamaPu with her favourite kitchen!
She's a really good chef and everytime when we were homed, she will cook all the yummy traditional Sri Lankan dishes for us!

And she treats us like her real daughters. In fact, we are her daughters! :D 

Also, meet my Sri Lankan brothaaas and sistaaa!
If you read back my old blog posts, you will find Rajitha, Chadthura and Pulani in one of the pictures! And yes, we met up again in Sri Lanka!!
Chad and Pula picked me up from the airport and it was really heart-warming to be welcomed by familiar faces once I landed in a foreign country.
                                                          Raj, Chad, lucky me and Pula! :D

Ohmigosh now im gonna introduce you guys the most important person whom had been dealing with me on my exchange, assisting me with my visa, planning this and that for us, the woman behind this project-

PULAAAAA the choodedoooo!

My capable cutie pie Pula 

She's the project manager of 'Ayanna'!
Congratulations on your wonderful job and thanks for everything my friend.
And i'll kill to see you again hahaha ok not so serious la
I'm waiting for you here in Malaysia!! And whatever you do, keep keep going and make papamamapu proud kay!
we know you will! ;D  

And next is Darshy the half SLankan and half Malaysian!!

He brought me to a nice local restaurant for lunch and the moment I met him it's like AHHHH MALAYSIANNNNN then we started to do what we do best- speaking in our very own Malaysian accent! wooohooooo
and he went wild with his new dialogue 'Are you insaneeee' despite of the old one 'Bojioooo'.

Also, thanks Darshie for rushing right after your work to join us at the Global Village, to represent Malaysia, and to spread the wise use of the Malaysian's 'Lah' practice in Sri Lanka :P

Out of two hundred plus of awesome people from all over the world, there is only me the only Malaysian.
And so, having Darshy to back me up made me extremely happy and also proud!!
One and a half Malaysian waved Hello to the plenary!! :DDD

Once again, Thank You Darshy!
And now you have a new half-a-SriLankan back in Malaysia! :P

YEAY! Now meet my awesome sisters from alllllll overrrrr theeee worldddddd!!

Yeap! We were all there for the same purpose, lucky to come under the same batch, though we were separated at different places in Sri Lanka, but we will meet up during weekends and off for a weekend trip! :D
Wheeeee! Spot sweetie Valerie from Holland, AhMi and Cassidy from Taiwan, Mai from Vietnam,
Yaya Cece and Lyric from China & Hira and Zeenat from Pakistan! :)
Our first outing together!
First dinner together!

Oh hi! meet this grumpy princess Sarah from Bahrain !
She got some funny bones in her that will always crack us into laughing manias.

And this is my lovely Ahmi from Taiwan!!
A very strong and sweet friend ahmi ahmi ahmi~~~ i miss singing with you just to annoy hira hahahaaha 
a great dancer, singer and friend!  

woots maaaaa sisterrrrrrr!! Meet my crazy bad annoying sister from Pakistan- Hira the lady boss!
aww look at her puppy face *pinch pinch*
 Nah I'm just kidding! A really awesome friends she is! Love picking up fight with me but she made our every trip merrier and noisier hahahahaha i miss you sisterrrrrrr TvT faster come to Malaysia to see me and get yourself a poodle!                                           *hugs*

This is another sister of mine from China- Ceceeee!!
My first friend in Sri Lanka and we clicked like nemo and dory.
I miss our story sessions and all your stupid jokes. ahhhhhhhh
It's my pleasure to meet you ah C, thanks for everything you did for me and for us! loves :')

So these are the people whom had been together with me during my days in Sri Lanka, and i just can't describe how insane we were, all the fun we had, the wacky language jokes we shared and the fighting and arguing moments that will always turn into endless laughters; and i treasure them all!

wheehee random happy moments! :)

                                   Squeezing in our favourite Sri Lanka's roller coaster- the tuktuk!

the more the merrier!

Waiting for bus by the road side, together with Sarah's mum who visited Sri Lanka!

"to the right to the right~~"
Regardless of nationality :)
young and fabby!

Ahh, so much fun and so many wonderful memories!!!

Once in a life time and I wish our friendship can last! With FB and Skype, no problem la no :))) shake head shake head (the Sri Lankan OK style!)
I love how close we can be with each other, even though we speak with different English accent but
*insert our favourite quote* nobody cares! haha!
I miss you all!!!!!!!! T-T

Thank you my sisters for all the beautiful memories! :')
Till we meet again,

"but when?"
     "Look! There!                              
 .... In the future! :)"


  1. haha, there is a pic of your friend in the wattalapa restaurant, the first time you meet wattalapa, love at first sight hahahaha

    1. AHHHH I MISSSSS WATALLAPANNNNNNN TvT thanks for reminding me yaya. hahhahahahaha

  2. steal a lot pics from here, thanks :)))