Sunday, February 10, 2013

MyLDS 2013!!!

I got super many things to update and this is a-must-post! :D

YES I attended Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2013 aka MyLDS from 25thJan to 30thJan 2013! lucky me got to join this largest AIESEC international conference in Malaysia and I must say that I am really glad that I went. :)
I've been trying to find one best word to describe MyLDS but I failed as there are so many feelings so many emotions so many things I've learnt through MyLDS.

First of all lemme introduce you my big family AIESEC UNMC!!! 
after LLDS we knew each other. but after MyLDS we love each other!!
Every super notties are awesome friends plus potential leaders and words just can't express how much you people have inspired me and how much I love you notties! :')
We were closer to each other after every sharing session we had.
I simply love our sharing session cuz as days passed, we started to share more, more personal growth and personal feelings.
and I felt really proud and touched as well every time a story (or a lesson) of one being told. some might not notice but I swear I saw tears in most of our members' eyes during our sharing session teeehheeeee :P

not only we learned, we also had so much funnnnnnn together!!! :DD
 thanks to our chief delegate ahlum and vcd ahchow for their hard work in making our france booth such a successful one!! free french kiss global village is fun. hahahahha!

                                     one for all and all for one! Aiesec family is love!!! :))) :*

now meet some amazing people I've met in MyLDS!!
this is our cute awesome President of Aiesec Philippines, also the Chair of MyLDS2013, Zim!! 

He was the one starting our every morning plenary with his exciting speeches and ending every evening plenary with his inspiring stories.

And i jinjiak dont know how lucky i was to have him sharing his chairing experience in Malaysia with me, face-to-face! talking to such awesome leader was indeed a worthy learning lesson itself. Thank you Zim! :)

meet Penny
from China!
She is our unmc intern and so she is part of the notties ;) l
ove having her mixing around with us and experiencing our cultures! :D  
> meet my dear Yayee from thailand! we are teammates and trust me this amazingly talented girl really made her country proud ;)

meet Helen
from Hong Kong!
she is not the only Hongkie whom got my hats off! they've got creative ideas and I really love their courageous!

> look at these crazy people. No Egyptian Hongkies or Chinese but one whole team! :D


we only knew each other for like half an hour in a workshop team and we went crazy after getting our masterpiece done.

the beginning story line was to act as ugly as we could....

but then Amy the hyped-up Egyptian went insane and started kicking me and kidnapping others and after minutes of war we successfully calmed her down and ... 

yea pictures said it all :P

I love how focus and serious we were during our discussion and how crazy we turned to when we got our work done!

work hard and play hard, checked! :P
and now is the turn of ma home team's faci!!!

He is Martin from Uruguay, aka le papa parrot!

I really wanna thank him for his wholly support for our team, his guidance, his patience and also every effort he contributed to our team!!

He is not only a faci, but also our mentor and our friend. :)
It is my pleasure to have met such special leader like him. I find him different as he is not that kind of person, speaking loud wanting you to follow and listen to him, but the way he put his idea and his lead will just inevitably catch your attention and win your respect.
Thank you for all the stories you shared with us papa parrot. and thank you for being such an awesome papa of our family!! and i feel so proud seeing you realizing your own dream here in Malaysia!
all the best to you papa parrot!! we love you *hugs* :))

and now, to the dazzling people that embellish my 6 days 5 nights!!
tadadaaaaa my parrot team- the sexy piratesssss! *evil grin ;))))

I was lucky enough to be voted as the leader of our group, among all these amazing people.
to be frank it was not easy. Each and every one of them are talented and really capable I would say.

We have perfect plants, whom always came out with awesome creative ideas during our brainstorming sessions. (Y)
We have quiet lovely team workers. they work with the group and you know you'll always have them helping you around. :)
We have shy people whom don't always speak but once they do, that's the bomb!
We have perfect finishers. they are always those brushing-up our pieces of work and making them the perfect ones. and they are so supportive that they will always remind the group on small little details that will defo make a difference in big!
and also we have the funny one, always busy capturing photos of people half-way dozing off and then giving you a sudden attack on the forehead.
mix and match mix and match we form this little pirates family out of 540+ participants ;)

all of us were extremely happy when our team was announced as one of the top 4 teams in case challenge!!
and then we were told to get ourselves prepared within 5 minutes for the finale on the stage, presenting to the plenary and the VIPs of Aiesec Malaysia!! It all happened so sudden and nervousness and happiness and excitement all came in one hahaha!
and I remember we doing our chok slogan very softly and decided to just give our best strive and enjoy the game on the stage regardless of the results. So our presentation was like the only not-so-formal one out of the four teams.

After our presentation I can really feel the strong bond between us.
Reminiscing how we argued and how awkward the situation went, and then how we slowly solved out the problems, and how united we worked on our parts to aim for the best, and then how we wrapped up everything so smoothly in such harmonious way. okay i wanna cry :') 

and yes we made it! we the sexy pirates aka parrots emerged as THE CHAMPION of MyLDS2013's Case Challenge competition!!!!!! *firecrackers everywhere wheeeeeee!
A big thanks to all my awesome teammates! plus fairy god fathermotherbrotherandsister. without all of you we wouldn't have won this title. our hard work did pay off! sooooo proudddd of ourselvessss *claps claps claps! 
see how excited we were when our group name was announced. we went insane immediately and we jumped and shouted and ran up to the stage hahhahahahahaha
too bad papa parrot wasn't there to celebrate with us, but we kept some surprise for him! :D 

see how awesome people from different backgrounds different countries can click and work in one!! 
oh fyi, our group consists of Malaysians, Thais, Egyptian and Mauritian
 aaaah i miss each and every of you so much now :'/
                                                          spot ma tears of happiness! :D

I've experienced and learned so much throughy MyLDS, and so dots and dots that happened and inspired me will continue being kept deep down in my heart.
I love how the sugar cube concept works. which I'll never stop looking back everytime I miss you people.
don't deny the power of such little notes, they are the little things that made you realize, what you've been believing and practicing all this while worth a thousand all. 
pretty heartwarming, thank you people for all the loves poured on me, appreciate much!! :')

I got so much more to share!! hahaha feel free to talk to me if you wanna know more on what i've learnt or more details of mylds etc ;)

don't worry peeps there will be MyLDS 2014!! make sure you won't miss such fun and life-changing experience!

oh  and one last things,
I'm a really lucky girl. :)
Thank you you you you you you and youuuuu!

MyLDS 2013, memories secured.


  1. seems like you had a lot of fun girl... i agree with you that life is all about learning and improving ourselves.. keep it up with the spirit girl..(:

  2. Leo. You know which leo la :PMarch 2, 2013 at 8:41 PM

    I love your AIESEC family. Met really awesome people there! :)

    1. I love them too! :) you can be one of us if you want!

  3. You live an interesting life :)

  4. hey yo! you are so pretty would you be my girlfriend? <3