Monday, September 3, 2012

Malaysia in their eyes!

Welcome the Germans back!
this should be the 4th series of Germans in da' House since i first posted bout it and over the dying duration of my blog. and yea the Germans once again visited us in Malaysia! *applause*

This time we spent bout one week in KL.
and here, these two charming people say hi to all!

Simon        Anna

Have you ever wondered,
 How do foreigners see our country, Malaysia?
I've always wanted to know, how do outsiders judge us? 
do they like roti canai? do they really enjoy our blazing weather? is Malaysia the same as what they'd expected? or do they find Malaysians pretty/handsome/sexy/funny/dull/irritating???

i guess you will have the same feeling as me if you see some foreigners, eating durian by the roadside with some kind of i-dont-know-how-to-express-faces and you just wanna rush to them clench their necks and ask "so you find it nice or NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT????????!" 

and this time, i finally got the chance to know part of ze long-awaited answer! woohooooooooooooo
while this is really subjective as everyone has a different mind. 
y'know,some say JB is hot while some say he is gay. :O

and here's some Q&A the german-vietnamese mixed!

Q: what is the thing you love the most about Malaysia?
A: Malaysia's shopping malls! really big and cheap!
    an absolute answer from a teen girl. that probably makes up 100% of the foreign girls' answers? :P
S: errr.... #unsure ......... Zeepee?! #jump in excitement.
   okay, maybe simon is a bit too young to know bout the satisfaction of shopping like her sis did and so...... yea he said he likes zeepee the most, so far. hahahaa!

Q: try to describe Malaysia's weather.
A: my face turned into a tomato within half an hour! means really hot.
S: i can finish a whole big bottle of apple juice by myself. dear simon you used to finish a whole bottle of apple juice all by yourself ok. haha but i guess he's trying to say the weather thirsted him too much.

Q: choose a place where you would like to spend your holiday
     at,  Malaysia's beach or shopping mall?
almost all foreigners will rank a thumb-up for Malaysia's beach! *very proud!

Q: which Malaysia's food you love the most?
S&A: naan with chicken curry!!!!!!
they both love naan very much and this kinda impressed me, as some foreigners think that roti canai, naan, roti tissue, these food which are made by people's bare hands are dirty and disgusted them;
while S&A enjoyed the actual way to savor the Indian traditional food by eating them with hands and were both in love with naan!

Simon:"don't eat my naaaan!"

Anna:"i don't care i want more naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

#fight #glassbreakingsound

Me:"continue fighting, i'll have it all buahahahahahahahahaha"


OK let's continue......

Q: want some durian?
S&A: no!!!!!! never!!!!!!
hmmmm, they don't like it, yet. but i believe one day in the future i can successfully durianize them :D

Q: gimme some comments on Malaysia's night market aka pasar malam.
A: fantastic! they sell really cheap cute dresses and earrings!
 fyi anna bought 2 dresses and 16 pairs earrings from the pasar malam we went. no wonder i get a fantastic remark haha
S: maybe they can sell some legos there? like cheap legos?
fyi simon is a crazy lego fans and he was quite disappointed for not having any lego stalls in the pasar malam.

Q: so do you like Malaysia, in all?
A: yes! #determined
S: the legos here are more expensive than those we have in Germany but i still like Malaysia. thank you naan, you must be one of the reasons behind this answer.

that's all for our simple Q&A session, Mission accomplished!
truly face-to-face remarks about Malaysia from these two lovely little foreigners :)
the day we sent them off to the airport! them with Simon's favourite zeepee ;)

one is 13 and one is only 11, but they have really wide knowledge about the 2nd world war and we chatted on this topic for one whole day! 
i call this fate, confirmed miss them!
when will be the next time we meet? I hope it won't be too long. cuz my next mission will be to..... DURIANIZE THEM. BAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

bye! ;)

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