Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Renaissance!!!

I'M B-A-C-K BACK!!!!!!
*sing sing shake shake*

As the title goes, Renaissance means Reborn and yessh! I officially announce that this blog will regenerate like the past, and even more active cuz now the owner is very behlly freeeeeeee. wheeeeeeeeeeeeee~

I miss my blog and so wanted to blog when there's sumthing meaningful and fun happened to me. It's like feeling so sorry for not noting down those wonderful experiences in life.
So here i rearrange some photos and stories to update you guys on my fascinating life!
CLAPS TO WELCOME BACK THE LAZY BLOGGER *piakpiakpiakpiakpiakkkk* :DD

1st : I had a wonderful 17th Birthday on 19th April 2011.
ma friends actually gave me a very surprising moment and i'm verryyyy HAPPY! It's very simple, just not more than 10 of us, no touching videos, no balloons and no parties. but having such celebration with the closest friends is just perfectly great, Thanks DOOS <3
and here comes the Birthday girl and the yummeh Cake & Sticky!

2nd : The Return of the Germans!

Can u guys still remember the post about the German family that stayed at my house?
yes they visited us again! They were having their summer holiday and they spent about weeks in Malaysia.

See the charming-grown-up Simon & Anna!
Simon has a funny bone. He can act and sing in a very sharp ang girlish pitch, While Anna has grown quite tall and has a healthy orangie skin now, and still beautiful.
We brought them to Malacca and they enjoyed pretty much. The picture down there proved it :P
btw it's the first time i went to A'Famosa and i'm kind of impressed by this place. how to say, it's like so historical and relaxing.


Oh and here's a joke. Simon and Anna loves zeepee and on their flight to Msia, Simon asked his dad :"Is Zeepee still alive?" "Yes i think so" "But How can a dog live in a country with such hot whether? I think he's dead."

Hahahahahhaa well Simon's glad when he saw the "still alive dog that can withstand hot whether". And you can hear him shouting "zeeepeeh~~ zeepppeeeehhh~~" all the time (even in the car).

3rd : The ACC Malawi Charity Show.

My dad was one of the co-organizers of the show. ACC stands for Amitofo Care Centre. ACC gives the fortuneless Malawi youngsters a chance to live on by bringing them into the centre, feed them and teach them. You must know that in this one of the poorest countries, you have no choice but to drink the rain drops and to eat the dying weeds. To them, being selected into ACC is like the luckiest thing in life, becuz this means that they are saved from dying of starvation and still has a hope to continue living. For more info, please visit

Ok back to the topic! My dad and mum had been soooo busy organizing the show and they found it meaningful to help those in need.
A Peace to Malawi!

Everything went perfectly, the show was FANTASTICALLY GREAT! so overwhelming and sooooo touching! You won't believe that these people with black-till-shining skin speak and sing in Chinese! It's not only a great show, but you'll notice that how fortunate you are after knowing their stories. okay i wanna cry.
I hope that there's still a second chance for me to join the organizing and preparation of the show and i hope to see these cute and strong and optimistic people again ;')

4th : Happy Merdeka Raya!

Our school had this very special celebration this year, it's Merdeka Raya!
All of us were told to wear baju kurung and every class will prepare food and drinks.
I must say, this is so fun!
It's like partying in the school and no teachers will scold you and it's the first time i realized that TIGS is not that dead, TIGS has its beautiful side too!

The Utaridians:

The Bumians!

I think it's a great experience as you wont wear baju kurung out for party right, would you? :P
And i'm happy as i have many good and close Malay friends! 1 Malaysia concept works! :D

5th : The Merit Award of The Star's NIE Contest!

I shouted like i never won a single contest before when i saw our team's name appeared in the newspaper!
We are Paperaeroplane, and this time we did something about organ transplanting and charity with the title " The Second Chance".
we did a video and a star mag. Ahmii is the main soul HAHA!
And we are one of the lucky 5 merit award winners in JOHOR! wheeeeeeeee im so proud! XD
then we got a RM200 Pizza Hut voucher.
The Paperaeroplane members:

the yummy cheesy pizza!

6th : TIGS Graduation 2011.

yes we are the very first batch of Tigs girls who wear the mortar board!
Everyone's soooo exciting. Nyway it's very hot and you must be very careful when you walk.
you can't bend too much when receiving the certificate or else the mortar board will fall off. There'll be another post talking about my graduation.

"We've Graduated!!!!"

7th : THE SCARY SPM .........

3 weeks, 3 suffocating weeks.
Time didnt fly but they walked during those days. The world moves very behlly slowly for the whole 3 weeks.
the first week was Ok, im not very nervous cuz it's like you've been waiting for the day to come for soooo long and you have no more special feeling to it.

But then the following weeks are the real nightmare!
Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Account..... ahh gasping for air
Stayed up late for most of the days cuz there are so many things to memorize and redigest.

And finally SPM is OVER!
yeah! and that means my secondary school life has come to an end.
i dunno i'm happy or sad or what :S

8th : Hair-CUT!

i went for a hair cut and that's my first changeover after years of same length same style short hair. And my friends are the happiest ones hahaha!

Lim Zeepee cut his hair too!
veryyy behlly cute~~~~~~
"i'm sexy and i know it"

And still many more to come!

Have a nice day! ;D

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